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Darhor is a well known flow meter manufacturer with a great deal of experierence. We provide only the highest quality, innovative products to our customers around the globe. Here you will find various flow meters ,such as air flowmeter,water flowmeter,rotameter ,turbine flowmeter, Magnetic flowmeter. etc, To meet all of your needs. If you have special demands or any questions please feel free to contact us.

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Technical Artical

Small Electromagnetic Flowmeter Applications
Electromagneticflow meters,or magmeters as they are commonlyreferredto,are the natural choice for a huge range of applications where electrically conductive fluid flows are to be measured, notably pot..more
Why Use an Electromagnetic Flow Meter?
Last but not least, you should bear in mind that an electromagnetic flow meter is essentially very simple in structure, without moving parts, so once its installed you can expect it to continue workin..more
measuring principle of variable area flowmeter
The basic structure of flow meter includes a vertical taper tube with scale upward and a floater that moves up and down freely. When the fluid goes through themore