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Our experienced factory trained Representatives and Distributors will assist you in choosing the proper gas flow meter for your application - and they will be pleased to offer installation guidance to assure that the meter(s) selected will perform as accurately as possible. Additionally, they will stand ready to support you with any after-sale assistance that you may require.


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Small Electromagnetic Flowmeter Applications
Electromagneticflow meters,or magmeters as they are commonlyreferredto,are the natural choice for a huge range of applications where electrically conductive fluid flows are to be measured, notably pot..more
Why Use an Electromagnetic Flow Meter?
Last but not least, you should bear in mind that an electromagnetic flow meter is essentially very simple in structure, without moving parts, so once its installed you can expect it to continue workin..more
measuring principle of variable area flowmeter
The basic structure of flow meter includes a vertical taper tube with scale upward and a floater that moves up and down freely. When the fluid goes through themore
categories of glass tube flow meters
There are many types and structures of flow meter, generally includes:(1) Classify by material: glass taper tube flow meter and metal taper tube flowmore
features of glass tube flowmeter
Flow meter has a lot of advantages. Merits can be classified into(1) A glass tube rotameter is a relatively simple and cost-effective device, allowing for widespread use. more
metal tube flow meter
Initially developed metal taper tube flow meter can be used under the environment of high temperature and pressure,measuring various fluids which are corrosive,more
merits of metal tube flow meter
Main merits of metal tube flow meter are as follows: (1)Simple and durable structure2)Reliable,withstanding high pressure, temperature and aggressive media;more
features of metal tube flow meter
1.Withstand high temperature, high pressure and corrosion. The main advantages of metal flow meter is the capability to measure high temperature、high pressure fluid.more
categories of metal tube flow meter
According to the ways of indicating the flow value, metal tube flow meter falls into two categories: on-sight display and mote flow transducer.Metal tube flow meter also can be classified into the fol..more
Darhor is a well known flow meter manufacturer wit..
Darhor is a well known flow meter manufacturer with a great deal of experience. We provide only the highest quality, innovative products to our customers around the globe. Here you will find various f..more

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