Oval gear flowmeter FAQs

Volumetric flowmeter common symptoms, causes and troubleshooting steps

1. Measuring room jammed the rotor
(1) debris in the piping into the measuring Chamber.
(2) the measured fluid solidification.
(3) because the system is not working properly, water hammer or overload occurs the rotor and drive Gears connect the pins for damage.
(4) due to the flow meter for long-term use, drive gear bearing wear is too large, causing the rotor colliding stuck troubleshooting steps
(1) washable flowmeter, clean the filter and pipes.
(2) managed to melt.
(3) modification of pipe systems, elimination of water hammer and overloading, repair of flowmeters. (4) the need to replace bearings, drive gears or rotors, if badly damaged cannot repair, replacement of the flowmeter.

2. Rotors are operating normally, but the counters do not count 

(l) measured output partly damaged seal, magnet demagnetization, foreign bodies enter the person stuck in the magnetic coupling. 

(2) the table (counter) gear is loose. 

(3)  back to zero the counter and cumulative damage.

(4) the pointer loosing troubleshooting measures 

3. Flowmeter not allowed
(1) temperature deviations, automatic temperature compensation for failure.
(2) the measured medium viscosity changes.
(3) after fixing the meter head hanging round the table hanging upside down.
(4) the operating system when the bypass valve is not closed, leak.
(5) the actual traffic flow figures exceed the specified limits.
(6) indicates rotation no longer work or rotor shell collide.
(7) traffic pulse.
(8) the measured medium mixed with gas

(l) inspection and repair.
(2) according to the recalibrated using media, or media re-election of the new table.
(3) remove the header, put the gears correctly.
(4) by-pass valve securely.
(5) replace the run flow flow meter or other specifications within the prescribed limits.
(6) check the rotors, bearings, drive gears are properly installed, or the replacement of worn parts.
(7) managed to reduce the flow pulse.
(8) fitted with gas separator