DH250 metal tube rotameter

                 DH250 metal tube rotameter for gas, liquid

Cost effective stainless steel metal tube flowmeter 
is composed of one measuring pipe and on side indicator.The site indicator can be installed also with additional electric devices, suitable for liquid and gas measurement.


• Sturdy construction for high pressure, temperature and media resistance • Simple to install - Measure and display without auxiliary power supply • Modular and adaptable to meet customer-specific applications

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Metal tube flowmeter benifits:

1).All metal construction, strong and stable.

2).Short stroke,compact structure.

3).Low pressure loss design.

4).New style magnetic coupling structure ensures that the signal transmission is more stable. 5).Magnetic filter can be added as customer requirements.

6).Thermal insulation or tracing heat jacket.

7).Used in the gas and liquid measurement in all industries. The measurment parts can adopt different materials to be suitable for different medias.

8).Suitable for harsh environment and seriously corrosion media. Having good heat resistance and pressure resistance.

9).Intelligent dual-line LCD display,on site instant/ umulative flow display and back light as options.

10).Two-wire system,battery,alternating current can be choosed to supply the power.

11).With data recovery,data backup and powerfail protection functions


Main techinical parameter of metal tube flowmeter :

Meter Model

DH250 Series  water flow rate meter

Flow range

Water 2.5 l/h to 200 m3/hAir 0.07 to 4500m3/h (201.013bar)

Flow span



Standard accuracy: 1.5% High accuracy: 1.0%Standard accuracy (PTFE-Liner): 2.5% High accuracy (PTFE-Liner): 1.5%


Flange connectionStandard: DIN2501 DN15-DN200 Special: DIN2512  DN15-DN200ANSI1/2-8The GB JIS users needsThreaded fittings DIN11851SC40-SC80[1-1/2-3'']According to demands of users

Steam Jacket Connections

Internal threads 1/2NPTFlange connection DN15 PN40DIN2501According to demands of users

Max.Allow. pressure


Temperature range

Fluid temperature-40 to+200Standard type-20 to+125PTFE-Liner type-40 to+450High temperature typeAmbient temperature-40 to+70


SS304,SS304L,SS316,SS316LPTFE-LinerHastelloy CTiAccording to demands of users

Protection class


Supply power

12-28V DCtwo-wire systembattery power


  Transmitters and Alarms

See more details :

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